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Double Your Money Back Guarantee

We are so confident in our abilities to improve the quantity and quality
of traffic to your website that we are offering a

Double Your Money Back Guarantee!



The A&S Double Your Money Back Guarantee is simple. Using a basic online traffic tracker such as Google Analytics, determine the number of monthly visitors to your website before signing up for our article and submission services. Sign up for the Genius Package. A month after you have hired us, run the numbers again.


If the number of monthly visitors is less with Articles and than it was without, (with all other marketing activities remaining constant for both months in question) we will immediately give you double your money back and remove you from our database. (Although, because of our unique writing skills and proven manual submission process, this has never happened.)


To receive the Double Your Money Back Guarantee, simply provide us with screenshots of the amount of traffic your website received during the two months in question (the month before we start and the first month that we provide our services for you). Only clients who have signed up for the Genius Package are eligible for the guarantee. If you have any questions about our risk free guarantee, please contact us.

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