The Importance of Positive Customer Interaction

Customers are the base of a business' success. "The customer is always right."
This is a statement that a successful company lives by, and one that self-destructing companies tend to ignore. Timely, appropriate, and positive customer interaction is essential to the growth of your business.

Loyal customers are the basis of a long-lasting business.

But what is the correct way to interact with your customers to ensure success? Below we have listed a few steps to success.

1. Read your guest. If a customer comes to you and is extremely irate, the first thing you need to do is listen. You can tell how upset a guest is by body gestures, (clenched fist, scrunched eyebrows, large movement, loud voice.) The bigger and louder the movements are, the angrier your customer is. In these situations, read your guest, and look for something that might help them calm down. Listen to them, empathize with them. For example if you know they have kids- relate a story with your kids that will help them understand, and feel closer to you. You want to build rapport with your guest so that they feel like you are there for them.

2. Listen completely. Before you respond to the guest, make sure that they are completely done talking. Sometimes people just need to vent, so if you just listen intently, that alone will provide a positive customer interaction.

3. Offer a support e-mail. Often times, unless you are owner in the business, there is not a lot you can do to solve the problem. When feasible, offer support e-mails like those offered by Rhino Support so that the customer can then talk to someone in upper management and say exactly how they feel knowing that something will be done to resolve it.

4. Do it now! If you can solve the issue immediately do it! Don't send the customer bouncing around from place to place; they came to you for help so it is your job to resolve it. Do whatever it takes, but get the job done immediately. If the issue festers, it will only get worse. Paying a little extra now could save a lot of money later, not to mention the positive impact it will make to your customer.

5. Offer every guest the chance to complete a customer survey. The feedback you receive, both the bad and good, will give your business the opportunity to learn and grow to create a successful business. Positive customer interaction is so important to reaching your company's long-term goals, and they are the baby steps which eventually provide the feedback and testimonials that will build a strong reputation for your company.

Your company deserves to be successful, so take the initiative and have superb customer interaction that keeps your consumers coming back time and time again.