The Several Benefits of Rhino Support

Let's discuss how Rhino Support is the fastest, easiest, most user-friendly support system ever created.

Rhino Support is fast to set up. All it takes is for business owners to copy and paste a short HTML code into their site and a second later, their customers have the ability to send a question, concern, or comment to them. Then the business owner immediately receives notice that a support ticket has been open. Within seconds, the business owner can respond by either typing in a message, attaching a document, sending a 'canned response' or doing all of the above. In today's world, customers want to be taken care of quickly. With Rhino Support, they are.

Instead of including lots of hard-to-figure-out, seldom-used features, Rhino Support keeps everything simple. Business owners have three options, they can keep a ticket open, put it into pending or close out the ticket. Simple, right? They can create 'canned responses' of frequently asked questions so that when the same concern is raised, instead of having to type in the response every time, they just click on a link and the previously created response is automatically added to the reply email. Easy, right? How about adding a user to help business owners answer support tickets? Rhino Support makes it easy to add users. Just type in their name and email address and they are added as members of the support team.

Most User-Friendly
If you can send and receive emails, you can use this support system. Many business owners hesitate to start using a support system like Rhino Support because they are doubt they have the time or ability to learn a new system, even though their current method of sending customers to their email address, is time-consuming and ineffective. With Rhino Support, business owners can feel confident that the processes created to resolve their customer's concerns are the most user-friendly on the planet! For example, when business owners receive an email that an online consumer has opened a ticket, the can click on a link and be sent directly to their own support software portal. Rhino Support even provides a step-by step video on how to use its features.

Besides being the fastest, easiest, and most use-friendly support software on the planet, Rhino Support also has exceptional customer support. If business owners ever have a question, they can email or chat with one of their support agents. Rhino Support is dedicated to helping online business owners take care of their customers quickly and efficiently.

Try Rhino Support free for thirty days and see how easy it is to provide exceptional customer support.